Carmine Garofalo Wellness, Financial, Business Coach Mentor
I have been blessed to have spent the last 35 years doing what I love and am most passionate about; being a teacher, coach and mentor!

I am a former high school Teacher, Collegiate Volleyball Coach and Certified Financial Planner.  

Currently, I am the president and founder of Healthy Fundraising USA™, a fundraising company specializing in providing healthier snacks and products to schools, churches, sports teams and other non-profit organizations across the United States and Canada. 

In addition to helping non-profit groups, I am most passionate about helping people achieve health, financial and time freedom.  As a financial, wellness and business mentor, I have created inspirational, motivational and personal growth programs to help people achieve their goals and personal potential!

I love to deliver talks in classrooms, seminars, assemblies, online and other venues to help people gain the confidence and skills they need to achieve their health, financial and personal goals and dreams!

I absolutely love what I do!  It's very rewarding to help people change their lives. 

If you're looking to live a healthier, longer life or achieve financial and time freedom, I would love to help you reach your goals and dreams! 

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Live A Healthier, Longer Life
Health is our greatest wealth! 

Are you interested in:
  • aging gracefully
  • being pain free
  • having tons of energy
  • living disease free
  • living a healthy, longer life

  If you want to have optimal health and live a healthy, long life, I would like to share simple, proven strategies that have kept me and my family healthy and safe for over 25 years.

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Health is our greatest wealth!  Achieve and maintain good health in a simple and affordable way!
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Achieve Total Financial and Time Freedom
As a former Financial Planner, I was very concerned that many people would never achieve "The American Dream". Passionate about helping people find a way, I spent more than two decades looking for simple and risk-free ways that would allow my friends, family and former clients to achieve their goals and dreams.  

After researching hundreds of opportunities, I discovered the perfect vehicle that would allow anyone to succeed without any risk. With the goal of helping people make their dreams a reality, I created the “Freedom 5 Team”!

"Freedom 5 Team" helps ordinary people achieve "The American Dream" by building a second stream of income in their spare time.   Our program is simple, proven and time-tested.  No investment, sales or experience required.   

Helping you achieve the American Dream is what "Freedom 5 Team" is all about! 

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Achieve The American Dream
Dream Believe Achieve Motivational Program
Dream-Believe-Achieve in combination with The "5 Principles of Success and Happiness" program was created to help people build the self-esteem, confidence, vision and skills necessary to become masters of their own destiny. 

This program teaches simple, practical skills, methods and philosophies that will help people achieve their potential and become the best that they can be.

These Inspirational messages are ideal for individuals, athletes, School assemblies, Graduation ceremonies, Sports teams, Anti-Bullying, Suicide Prevention and frankly for any group or cause that wants impactful life strategies that will inspire and motivate people to achieve their full potential and live the life of their dreams!

Contact us now and learn how to successfully Dream, Believe and Achieve!
Dream Believe Achieve Inspiration and motivation to help you achieve your goals and dreams!
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Thank you for visiting my website!

I love helping people achieve their potential and balance with their lives!  Whether you're looking to live a healthier life or improve your financial situation or achieve Time Freedom and live life on your terms or you're looking for an inspirational and educational message for your group, I would love to help.

For additional information without any obligation,  Contact me and let's talk!